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Hey. Yes I haven't been here in a longer time than usual, but it was because I was occupied with work and after that all I could do was sleep or lay in bed and watch films. Basically nothing.
Today I have day off and forced myself to open this page and start writing because I wouldn't do that without force.
Anyway it is now April and so much stuff is going on in my little life that sometimes I want to run away from everything.
First of all, my parents are moving out, really fast in less than month. That means I will be moving too (with them). They are stressed about all this and that stress really affects me & my brother. It was hard to focus and stay calm, relaxed earlier (because of all that 'not speaking with my father' thing), but now every member is really on their nerves and we start fighting or arguing about tiniest detail. But I really hope when it will be over, everything will be fine.
Then moving forward. About month ago my dog ran away for two weeks (He lives with my grandmother in countryside and my parents don't let him stay with us here.). He came back and I'm really honestly grateful for that. But while he was gone, another dog that is similar to mine shuffled into grandmothers yard & she simply accepted him and gave him food and etc. When I heard these news I wasn't sure how to react, because everyone in my family knows that grandmother is afraid of every dog that she doesn't know. It could be Pomeranian dog or even Great Dane Dog. So I was shocked at the thought that she gave house to this dog (And yes he is cute and cuddly, German Shepherd and Husky mix). And later I was like, really furious at her and didn't wanted to speak with her, because she replaced my dog with random one who is not running but jumping like a happy bunny. Anyway, but now she keeps two big dogs and I'm kind of avoiding her, because I'm mad at her for simple thing.
And lastly, my job. There are a lot of changes in there and every detail affects all of us. Our manager, director was transferred to other place and our place are starting to become a mess. Whole team already started to split up in two sides. The one where everyone turned on dumb face and does nothing just talks and pretends that they are working. And the second side where everyone does their work and five other tasks. I mean it's ridiculous! And the worst thing isn't that people aren't working. The worst is that when you nicely tell the 'lazy' person to do something, they reply that its too much for them and they won't be tearing their self apart to fit in time and do everything perfectly. Because it doesn't matter anymore for them. So the working side gets twice more work and the salary is still the same. But we kind of know who our new manager will be so I hope all will get back to how it used to be. Well it will be though, but I hope.
Anyway it was a huge rant that I was keeping too long in my head, but now it is going viral and can get back to being not so paranoid about everything.
Nice to be back and see you soon


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