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Halloween vibes & new resolutions I ChitChat

Hello to all of you! Once again I'm laying in my bed, drinking muffin-flavoured tea and scrabbling here. Today's topic won't be anything special, just a simple post that I decided to write on a Wednesday evening.
So to begin with I changed my hair color.. (once again...) and I'm happy with it! I mean, I'm truly enjoying this color. It is kind of a pastel pink and rose gold mix. At first when I dyed it I was like ''Jesus what have I done...''. But now I'm thinking that I will leave this color for as long as possible. Also Halloween is almost here and now that I'm with pink hair it is easier to do makeup for that occasion. Still don't know exactly what or who I'll be, but I'm planning to do a video of my Halloween makeup tutorial. I think it will be great. Hope so.
Also I want to talk more about ''new resolutions'' subject. I know that every time of the year, every month I'm talking about how I want to change, start new and etc. It is kind of boring and easier said than done. But I am moving step by step to a life I want to have. Like I said a long time ago that I want to spend more time with my hobbies. That already came true. I am having more time with activity that I like than before which is really good. So now that I can cross out this point of my future goals I need to move onto the other one. Keeping my body fit (or more like loosing weight and having the figure I want to...). Yes this is basically impossible for a lazy person like me, but I keep myself motivated because not long ago I had a really good figure. BUT I went crazy on sweets and other carbs. So I thought that it is time to focus on my body and change my eating habits and do sports. Also I really hope that my mom won't start doing lasagna because she always does that when I say to her that I will start taking care of my stomach and figure... haha!
Anyway, I know how to lose weight and etc. But the biggest problem is that I don't know how to find that exact motivation to push myself into all of this. For real. I just need the perfect motivation that could dive into my mind and force me to start doing this. So if someone knows something please let me know. You can contact me on Twitter , Instagram and even Facebook 
Hope to see you soon! 

P. S. 
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