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Writing a book as a gift and feelings?? I ChitChat

Hello again! Wanted to write here asap, because recently I did one thing that I want to share with you all.
So on January 25th a wonderful baby named Areta came into this world and she is my cousin. Exactly 5 days ago we had an event where we took her to do something like christening. Anyway, it was obvious that a gift is necessary and I thought about writing a little book for her. You know, hand made things are the best gifts for some people. Okay, so writing was the easiest part of that. I did that really quickly and then to the next part. I told my best friend about that idea and she said she will be able to help me with drawing. I agreed easily and days went by. The main event was supposed to be on July 14th and we met on 12th of July. Yes, exactly two days prior the event. The book was not done. I printed it and we went to her house. We started to practice what we will be drawing and few moments later I started to stress out that I can't draw a fucking fox! Yes! A fox! So I put my paper down and looked how my friend was drawing a fairy queen (the book is about Areta's adventures in fairy town). She was drawing so smoothly and easily so that pissed me off even more. Later her mum gave us dinner and when we finished that I gave a little bit of mine to her dog (we always do that and no that dog isn't fat, I will put her photo at the end of the post). Everything would've been great but her dog accidentally dropped a little bit of food on the floor. But the worst part was that my papers were on the floor. So yeah, the food destroyed most of the papers. That was the last drop of my patience and I started to panic about every damn shit at that moment. God, I almost started to cry about that! Oh well, it happens. Anyway we went outside and talked a lot about that. It was a deep talk that I need from time to time and finally we decided to meet next day and draw as long as we can and even spend a night at her house. So I came and we started to draw and plan everything....
Everything started at 10.30pm and ended about 11am. We spent a whole night doing that book. At one moment we were so tired that we started to giggle of every detail we saw in kitchen and it was so hilarious! My friend tried to stop me, but that turned out to be even more funnier. But it was all worth it. The final look was great and I can say that I'm proud of both of us, that we managed to do that.
And when I gave my aunt and cousin that book, my hands were shaking, but she said that it was the best gift of all! Yes!

Okay, this was the main thing I wanted to tell, the second topic is about feelings (?). It is strange to say a word like this, but oh well, lets give it a try.
So as I told a lot has changed and I'm throwing away my few old bad habits, people and things from my life and replacing them with new ones. Recently, I met one person and what I can tell is that I'm really satisfied with him. I won't talk about how butterflies are flying in my stomach, but I just want to say that he's really nice to me and this is the most important thing that I value in a person. Also he is one of few people (my best friend and mum) that I can talk with for hours on the phone. There's a variety of topics we can talk about. Everything what you manage to think of, even Disney movies haha! I really love those talks when you don't care about what you will say, because one understands the other. This is the best!

And finally, this weekend my best friend and me will be at my countryside. So after that Instagram will be full of photos from there. Hope you will also have a great weekend and see you soon!

P.S here is a little bit of that book that we made :


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