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Having a tattoo? I ChitChat

Hello again!
When I was younger I wanted to have that basic, boring infinity tattoo. Exactly! I thought that it could represent my best friends and mine friendship that will last forever... I know....
But now I'm older and my ideas of having tattoos changed. Now I want more than one and definitely not an infinity sign... 
Yesterday after some thinking, I finally decided that I want at least 7. They won't be big and capturing attention and also without any meaning. 
So the first one would be a lion. But I'm thinking about having just the portrait of it. It would look good on my wrist. Why a lion? Because I love big cats and my horoscope is a lion so, no special occasion. Second one I'm thinking about a stretching cat on my collar bone. I love cats so much. They are really beautiful, elegant and simple at the same time. Third one - geometric howling wolf. Lots of animals, I know, but I can't help it. I love them. Wolf is also a beautiful creature and I just feel that I need him on my shank. Fourth one would be my bunny I used to have. He was really precious to me. Maybe this one would be with the biggest meaning. I haven't decided on which place I should have it, but it would be also his portrait with two L letters because his name was Lulu. Fifth. This one I wanted for a really long time and it would be on my neck ( nape, I don't know the exact word for that place, but on my back). It would be the 5 phases of moon. This one also has a little meaning, but it's really stupid. When I was little, like two years old, I don't know, my grandfather died and few years later I started thinking that he's like my angel that takes care of me and whenever I was upset or just looked at the moon, I always remembered him and instantly felt safe. I must admit that sometimes when I look in the sky and see a moon I still remember him. Well, that's the reasons for moon tattoo. Okay, sixth one is a geometric fox, haven't decided where, but I do love those little orange creatures. And the last one would be a little star, because of what emotion it makes me feel whenever I see stars in the sky. I can't even explain those feelings, but they are great and I love them. So yup. And it would be on my scar that is on my ankle. 
So yeah, basically I explained everything I wanted to say. Hope you enjoyed of these little ideas & see you soon!


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