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Stereotypical & Being honest I GTKM

Good morning everyone!
I'm at work and in mornings it is really boring here (especially on Sundays...) , so I decided to scribble down here while I have time.
What stereotypical really means for all of you? Because everyone has different opinions and it's really interesting to know that. For me, stereotypes are those things when most of the society has one opinion and disagrees with any other thoughts. For example typical idea of a beautiful woman or having a party means loads of people and booze and many more. Honestly, it's ridiculous! Okay, I won't babble about that everyone is beautiful in their own way, because you already know that and there's no point in doing this. Anyway, what I wanted to say is that it's stupid and don't do what most of the society is used to doing.
Okay moving on to the topic finally...
Yesterday was my 19th birthday and what I tried to say about stereotypical stuff was my birthday. Most people my age are used to getting drunk w…

Having a tattoo? I ChitChat

Hello again!
When I was younger I wanted to have that basic, boring infinity tattoo. Exactly! I thought that it could represent my best friends and mine friendship that will last forever... I know.... But now I'm older and my ideas of having tattoos changed. Now I want more than one and definitely not an infinity sign...  Yesterday after some thinking, I finally decided that I want at least 7. They won't be big and capturing attention and also without any meaning.  So the first one would be a lion. But I'm thinking about having just the portrait of it. It would look good on my wrist. Why a lion? Because I love big cats and my horoscope is a lion so, no special occasion. Second one I'm thinking about a stretching cat on my collar bone. I love cats so much. They are really beautiful, elegant and simple at the same time. Third one - geometric howling wolf. Lots of animals, I know, but I can't help it. I love them. Wolf is also a beautiful creature and I just feel that I n…

Writing a book as a gift and feelings?? I ChitChat

Hello again! Wanted to write here asap, because recently I did one thing that I want to share with you all.
So on January 25th a wonderful baby named Areta came into this world and she is my cousin. Exactly 5 days ago we had an event where we took her to do something like christening. Anyway, it was obvious that a gift is necessary and I thought about writing a little book for her. You know, hand made things are the best gifts for some people. Okay, so writing was the easiest part of that. I did that really quickly and then to the next part. I told my best friend about that idea and she said she will be able to help me with drawing. I agreed easily and days went by. The main event was supposed to be on July 14th and we met on 12th of July. Yes, exactly two days prior the event. The book was not done. I printed it and we went to her house. We started to practice what we will be drawing and few moments later I started to stress out that I can't draw a fucking fox! Yes! A fox! So I p…

Realizing all the changes I GTKM

Welcome back!
The reason I decided to write now is simple and weird at the same time. Today I was walking home from work (which I quit today & not sad about that) and it all looked like in a movie. I'm not joking it really looked like that! The music was playing (I had earphones), everything seemed relaxing and I lifted my head to look in the sky. It was cloudy and few seconds after it started to rain. Usually I would've walked fast to home, but then I smiled like an idiot and enjoyed the moment (one of the reasons was that I hadn't any makeup on). Anyway, while I was happy about walking in rain I caught myself thinking about how everything changed in my life. Not just my haircut and color (that I'm always changing, because I can't find the color I feel, if you understand), but everything really changed.
First of all. I don't know if my mentioned that in earlier posts, but when I was younger I had a friend and I listened to that friends opinion every damn tim…